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Restaurant Registration

Why Partner with Crumzi

Flat Rates

We charge a flat rate of $5 Per delivery within a 5 mile radius! Restaurants can increase their radius up to 10 miles for an extra cost of $1 per mile. 

Seamless Integration

The Crumzi platform seamlessly integrates with you existing POS, so the transition is hassle free! Once a customer places an order on Crumzi, it gets sent to your POS and a driver is automatically dispatched to pick up the order

Free Marketing

At Crumzi, we don't believe Restaurants should have to pay to get their name out there. We incur no additional charges for listing your restaurant on our platform. Everything is based off of proximity, so anyone within a 10-mile radius will be able to order!

Restaurant Reward Program

Restaurants who complete at least 35 deliveries per week are automatically entered into a $500 giveaway. Winners are chosen at random on Monday at 12:00PM EST, and the payout is included in the driver's weekly settlement.

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